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About Us

South Florida Adapted Aquatics

Splash Pals, Inc. is a social membership and public benefit organization focused on implementing aquatic therapy programs for children with various physical and developmental disabilities, and pre-professional collegiate students. In October of 2013, Splash Pals, formerly Florida Atlantic Adapted Aquatics, was founded by healthcare students at Florida Atlantic University with the intent of giving back to the community by helping children with disabilities.



Every week, Splash Pals chapter affiliates host aquatic recreation therapy pool sessions, where college students get in small groups with the children and engage them in swimming, exercise, social interaction, and play. With a focus on physical activity and social engagement, the students improve the quality of life for the children through activity and interaction, while they themselves gain meaningful experience and improve the quality of their own lives through their dedication and commitment to helping others.

Our Mission

Splash Pals is dedicated to helping the community and improving the quality of life for all of our members by creating a supportive social membership program built around the activity of adapted aquatics. To better facilitate this, we have split our mission into 3 pillars of dedication, that we strive to serve every single day.

Pillar 1


Splash Pals is dedicated to implementing adapted aquatics programs that improve the quality of life for children and adults with various physical and developmental disabilities. This is achieved through working with our chapter affiliates to host adapted aquatics pool sessions that engage the children in physical activity and social interaction.

Pillar 2

Splash Pals is dedicated to implementing adapted aquatics programs that improve the quality of life for college students. This is achieved through providing a supportive environment for our chapter affiliates to host adapted aquatics pool sessions that create meaningful experiences and an environment for chapter members to develop themselves professionally.



Pillar 3

Splash Pals is dedicated to spreading the importance of helping others and instilling the values of altruism in our members and the members of the communities in which we live and love. This is achieved through various public awareness events, volunteerism, and initiatives that serve to help others and spread the importance of doing so.

Prospective Participant Members

(child or individual with a disability)

Prospective Student Members

(college student or recent graduate)

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