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Meet Giggles: Member Melissa Newell!

While attending a session at Splash Pals Adapted Aquatics, you may be lucky enough to hear the ever infectious and unrestrained laugh of Melissa Newell. Whether it is during our team building exercises or in the pool helping one of our participants, Melissa’s blissful smile and bubbly personality are sure to brighten any situation. Born and raised in beautiful Boca Raton, our featured member has been attending Florida Atlantic University for three years and we have been blessed to have her working with us since the spring of 2016. Melissa is studying Civil Engineering and hopes to wind up in Georgia, Hawaii, or Alaska for her career. Although a move from Florida to Alaska seems extreme, Melissa doesn’t mind the cold and has family that live in the “Land of the Midnight Sun”. She will have to leave behind her three rabbits, two cats, three adopted baby ducks, and one bird when she does eventually leave South Florida. Nothing is impossible in the eyes of Ms. Newell; her favorite quote comes from Alice in Wonderland when the Queen of Hearts tells Alice, “Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Like the Queen in Lewis Carroll’s story, Melissa believes that whatever you can dream you can achieve.

Melissa enjoys the opportunity to network with other students, as well as the chance to work with children through aquatic activity during our sessions at Adapted Aquatics. She has also been a member of the Rotaract club for a year where she has been helping with tasks such as making bags for the homeless and providing aid to people with Autism. In her free time Melissa loves to cheer for Boston sports teams, tie-dye, paint, write poems, draw, and play Pokémon Go. Come meet our humble, hard working, crafty member Melissa Newell at Splash Pals Adapted Aquatics every Monday night at 6pm at the FAU pool!

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