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Splash Pals is dedicated to implementing adapted aquatics programs that aim to improve the quality of life for children and adults with various physical and developmental disabilities. This is achieved through working with our chapter affiliates to host adapted aquatics pool sessions that engage the children in physical activity and social interaction.

The Splash Pals Adapted Aquatics program is unlike any other and will improve your child’s quality of life by providing an opportunity to be active and interactive with others, to laugh and have fun, and to receive additional stimuli that builds confidence, increases self-esteem, improves social skills, and creates meaningful relationships between your child and others. 


As a participant member, your child will be partnered in a small group with pre-professional collegiate students who will engage them in swimming, exercise, social interaction, and play with the other children and students. They can also help your child get more comfortable in the water while engaging in aquatic recreation that is therapeutic and fun!


The best part for you will be seeing the pure happiness that spreads across your child's face every time you bring them to a pool session!


P.S. - Did we mention that you get to relax poolside and absorb all of the smiles and laughter while your child participates..! 

There are currently Splash Pals chapters run by university students at several of Florida's top Universities,

with more coming soon!


Splash Pals at FAU - Florida Atlantic University Students - Boca Raton

Splash Pals at UCF - The University of Central Florida Students - Orlando

Splash Pals at NCF - The University of Florida Students - Gainesville

Splash Pals at FSU - Florida State University Students - Tallahassee

Splash Pals at USF - The University of South Florida Students - Tampa

Splash Pals at FGCU - Florida Gulf Coast University Students - Fort Myers

Splash Pals of Davie - Nova Southeastern University Students - Fort Lauderdale

Splash Pals at UM - The University of Miami Students - Miami


For more information and to enroll yourself or a child, please fill out the form below!

Participant Inquiry Form

Thanks for submitting! Unfortunately, due to the COVID Pandemic, Splash Pals Chapters aren't currently hosting pool sessions. Once the environment is safe for everyone to have fun in the water with each other again, we will be reaching out to get you involved! We are truly sorry for the inconvenience, but hope to meet you soon!

This form is for Participant Members

(An individual, or parent of an individual, with a disability who wishes to participate in a Splash Pals chapter by engaging with the Student Members)

-If you are a Participant Member, fill out the form to the left.

This form is not for Student Members

(A current college student, or recent graduate, who wishes to participate in a Splash Pals chapter by helping participants with disabilities)

-If you are a Student Member Please Click Here:

By providing your contact information you consent to receive electronic contact from Splash Pals, Inc. and Splash Pals, Inc. Chapter Affiliates.

Prospective Participant Members

Participant Member: A participant member is an individual, or parent of an individual, with a disability who wishes to participate in a Splash Pals chapter by engaging with the Student Members.

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