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Join our Splash Pals Family and Sponsor the Splash Pals Adapted Aquatics Program Today!

Help us help children with disabilities, college students, and your community! 

The Splash Pals Adapted Aquatics program gives the members of our local disabled community the opportunity to be active and connect with others, while providing an opportunity for future healthcare practitioners to gain meaningful experience and build lasting relationships with our participants and their families.


We keep our fees as low as possible for all of our members and 100% of our proceeds go back into running the program. This being said, we as an organization rely heavily on the efforts of sponsorships from generous individuals such as yourself. These sponsorships provide the opportunity to continue supporting the children and the students, while bettering the communities in which we live and love. 


With 100% of every dollar going back into our program and a devotion to helping children, students, and the community, you couldn't pick a better program to sponsor. 


Please consider becoming a sponsor of Splash Pals Adapted Aquatics and ensure the continuation of our program and the support it provides for our children, our students, and our community!

Sponsor Us by Clicking Here

Rest assured, here are some examples of what your sponsorship will go towards!!!

  • Currently, our top priority is the continuation of the Splash Pals Adapted Aqautics program and covering operating expenses. Without your generous sponsorship, we wouldn't be able to host such a wonderful program and wouldn't be able to help children, students, and the community!

  • Another top priority of ours is developing a method to implement water safety instruction for the parents and their children, as well as swimming instruction to develop the children's swimming capabilities! This instruction will have the potential to save lives!!!​

  • ​​​Insurance

  • Lifeguards & Equipment

  • First-Aid Kits​​

  • Disability Lift Maintenance​

  • Pool Rental

  • Equipment & Materials

  • Dive Toys

  • Toss Games

  • Pool Noodles

  • Aqua Jogger Belts

  • Foam Dumbells

  • Wetsuits

  • Supplemental Materials

     and much more!

Watch Our Video Below and See What We Do!

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