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Team Building Day!!

On July 13, 2016 Splash Pals Adapted Aquatics hosted a Team Building Day lead by Jacob Sherbondy. Jacob is currently a volunteer at Florida Atlantic Adapted Aquatics and also works with Campus Recreation at FAU, where he helps other clubs and organizations host similar team building events. A great time was had by everyone that was able to make it out.

Our event began with the obligatory snacks and chatting. Justin had a small opening announcement and then we jumped right into the pool, which was nice respite from the blazing summer heat! We began with the “Echo Name Game” to become acquainted with the volunteers who were there. After that we paired up with a partner to play the “I Like People Game” which ended with a race to the finish line. We then got out of the pool to work on our juggling skills in “Group Juggle”. This game was accompanied with light pool toys being passed in a pattern that quickly broke as more and more toys were added to the mix. After that we played “Speed Ball” where we worked together to use our ingenuity in finding the fastest way to get a ball through everyone’s hands. We succeeded in reducing the time to just over a second! We then played “Magic Shoes” which took us the longest time to find a sound strategy. Spending a lot of that time asking if a strategy violated the rules or not. We finally just had to try something, and it worked! The last game we played was called “Prui” and this game lead to even more laughter.

With a few minutes left in the water we all decided to play “Marco Polo” before getting out of the water to talk about our day and how much we enjoyed it. We hope many more volunteers will be able to attend our next Team Building Day so we are able to share the fun and laughter with everyone!

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