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Our Fierce Leader Bids Farewell!

We have had the privilege to watch Jacob grow not only as a leader, but also as a person during his time as President of Splash Pals Adapted Aquatics at Florida Atlantic University. When he began his term, Jacob seemed a little timid in his tasks and uncomfortable with public speaking. As we bid farewell, it is clear to see he has truly grown into a strong public speaker and a fearless leader. Jacob loves that Splash Pals has been a hands on experience and explains that "you won’t find another volunteer group where you can make an actual difference in a relaxed atmosphere."

During his time spent as a student at FAU, Jacob studied Biology with a focus on Microbiology and Human Health. He also received his Biotechnology Certificate on top of his Bachelors degree! He has practiced “general athleticism” and enjoys yoga, rock climbing, and martial arts.

In the distant future Jacob plans to pursue medical school and is keeping an open mind as to where he wants to go and what he would like to specialize in. In the immediate future he is taking a ride on a jet plane across the pond to backpack around Europe and meet up with some friends he met last year in Greece and Israel. He is most looking forward to the history, architecture, art, and culture abroad. Specifically, Jacob is excited to see Italy but oddly not for the food! He hopes to take this experience with him as he dreams to one-day work as a tour guide on outdoor expeditions.

We truly appreciate all he has done for everyone involved with Splash Pals and wish Jacob the best of luck in all of his future endeavors. Thank you for being apart of our Splash Pals family!

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